Preventing Transmission of Infectious Disease

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has raised concerns regarding the spread of diseases worldwide within a short timeframe and its operational and economic repercussions. The spread of the virus has affected border control measures, aviation operations, and the global economy. Hear directly from Dr. Ansa Jordaan, Chief, Aviation Medicine Section at ICAO on preventing the spread of infectious diseases in the aviation context. This SkyTalk took place during the 40th Session of the ICAO Assembly in the Fall of 2019.WATCH
Innovation in Border Management
Representatives from international organizations most closely involved with Identification Management provide updates on their initiatives and projects. This presentation is from #TRIP2019.WATCHCivil Aviation Data Solutions
This SkyTalk session explores the multitude of ICAO data sets and business intelligence solutions available for the aviation community. Learn how these tools can help to forecast air traffic and plan routes.WATCH