As Mongolia strives to grow the country’s GDP and promote rapid economic development, the role of the aviation and air transport industry has been making it reality. Developing aviation industry therefore becomes imperative and, there is very tangible and pressing need for enhancing the skillset, experience and exposure of the aviation. Building on its 38-year history, the Aviation Training Center is committed to establishing a competency-based vocational education and training system that meets the demands of the labour market. The Center’s primary goal is to improve aviation safety and security, as well as to improve the productivity and efficiency of the organization through the development of human resources capacity. The organization provides training for new civil aviation professionals to meet human resource needs, and cooperation with the government policies to develop the aviation industry and corresponding with the demands of rapid development of the aviation service, it has been working to provide qualified, accurate and timely knowledge, skills and tendency with the competency based approach for our aviation community.


     The mission of the Aviation Training Center is to train and to develop highly qualified, internationally recognized Aviation personnel to promote aviation safety and security by utilizing modern training methods, equipment and technologies in accordance with ICAO standards and requirements.


  • Esteeming legislation, knowledge and culture
  • Preparing qualified aviation personnel
  • Cherishing justice, principle and unity
  • Publicizing responsibility, quality and transparency
  • Promoting sustainable development, training competence for aviation personnel to enhance aviation safety.
  • Preparing aviation security, and human resources to ensure aviation safety and sustainable development.

Our achievement

     The Aviation Training Center is certified according to Rule 141, “Certification of Civil Aviation Training organization” and “Vocational training certificate” issued by the Ministry of Labour of Mongolia. Since 2016, after the Aviation Training Center gained its full membership to the TRAINAIR PLUS program, we have achieved our goals to: (1.) develop and expand the knowledge and education of civil aviation personnel; (2.) provide vocational training to interested parties; and (3.) teach the importance of the correct attitudes that are necessary for developing our professionals in accordance with ICAO standards. We provide training programs for professional development via initial instruction and refresher training to civil aviation professionals and other interested parties.